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Renfrew Graphics was founded by my father in Ardwick Manchester 1976, in those pre Mac days, graphics were lovingly hand crafted. Now 40 years later I have taken the family business into renfrew creative, not just a place for graphic design but a hub of many creative elements, with the same hand crafted process existing alongside digital.

When Einstein realized, “Dear me, this universe with its wonders all adds up to E=mc2?,” he did not stop to think whether this concept would sell better set in Futura or Antikva.

In 1976 Renfrew Graphics operated from a studio on Ardwick Green at a time when hi-tech hadn’t been born. The days of letraset, cow gum, CS10 board layout pads and magic markers ruled the advertising industry. Search for inspiration came from Modern Publicity and creative thought.

During those early days one of our main clients was a regional newspaper group with 6 paid for and 6 free titles where we partnered the advertising and promotional departments with an ever increasing work flow.

Our work was varied and supplemented with with additional clients such as Initial Services, British Aerospace, Barclays Bank and Cocksmore McCall to name a few.

When the Mac came on the scene we like most in the industry embraced this new technology and with our 64mg floppy disk computer, 12in mono monitor, Agfa scanner and A4 mono printer all the sum of £15,000 we set off on our digital journey. This revolutionised our production. With a higher volume of work we expanded the studio and also worked with a network of other designers where we co-operated with their clients. This network of designers gave Renfrew Graphics the opportunity to new avenues, such as illustration and working for overseas clients.


We were active in design education and joined the Industrial Liaison Committee at Rochdale College of Art, overseeing the graphic design course. We also taught design one day each week to 2nd and 3rd year graphic design students and also took part in work placement each year.ScanV1

All the magic, be it in code or design, starts with a clear mind, pen and a blank paper.

More recently we partnered with a public relations company as design consultants and in turn they increased our portfolio with P.R.

We have always worked in tandem with other designers and last year launched an online gallery for wildlife art showcasing another aspect of our services with digital illustration alongside traditional wildlife paintings.

Evolution has now taken us to another level with ‘Renfrew Creative’ with Ian Renfrew firmly taking the company onto the next level of commercial graphics. Take a look on-line at our website and view our portfolio and services.

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